Toshiba SD-R5002

I own this DVD burner and it might take on a second life in my brother’s old PC. However, (for all of you who owned or own right now the drive), I wonder how well this old Toshiba 2x DVD-R burner holds up today. Mine was always making very good burns, but I never could scan my burns and I cannot do it right now either unfortunately. So I just wonder if it could still be used today (with appropriete media of course). I am especially thinking of you Kenshin, if I do recall correctly you were quite fond of the drive back in the days.

Damn I remember when I bought it because I tought it was an incredible deal, and finally I could afford a DVD burner. Still a great discount, but I never told anyone I paid so much for a PC optical drive, I nearly would have been lynched. :wink:

Yes, I still have SD-R5002, Toshiba-made, under Buffalo case. Just 2x DVD-R and 1x DVD-RW. No DL, no DVD+RW, no DVD+R, no quality scanning. From some write quality scan tests, I found out my latest 16x DVD writers write better than SD-R5002 and other 2x/4x writers that I have had. I bought it in the summer of 2003 from someone who imported drives and other things from Tokyo.

But all in all just for a couple of burns on high-quality media (like my brother is most probably going to do), would it still be a safe bet? Among the old 2x writers of the first generation, how does it holds up? I guess I have nothing to worry about. It’s just he has got an old computer, and even 4x would be really too much stress for his limited hardware. I think it would really be useless to test my discs now anyway, I mostly only used crap media. Hey, Princo was the only media that at the time did not cost an arm and a leg! But also I bought my Toshiba much earlier than you did, and now I really regret doing so. :wink: