Toshiba SD-R5002 slow burning question?

I just got a Toshiba SD-5002 dvd -R burner. I bought Verbatim DataLife DVD for General. The funny thing is there is no speed rating on them. Now when I go and burn a full disk with nero it says burning at 2x at 2,760KBs but it took a full hour to burn the disk. According to the stickys, it should only take about 30 minutes. What is wrong???
They were buy one get one free. So I paid $30 for 30dvds.
If they were only 1x shouldn’t nero report it burning at 1x instead of 2x???

Please help.


I think those dvds-r are certified at 1x only and not 2x

Well I finally got around to try to pull the data off the dvd that I burned and I was getting CRC errors. So I guess the media is crappy to begin with. Have to take them back to the store.
I am going to give TDK a try unless someone who has this burner has any suggestions of good media.

I do not know
I am using dvds certified to 2x without any name and they work perfect with dvd-video and dvd-audio

It must have been crappy media that I got. I got maxell DVD-RW and I know they are only 1x and my burner only does RW at 1x and it took an hour to copy a dvd. The copy was perfect and no errors, at least from what I saw.

Good DVD Media - FujiFilm 2.4x DVD+R or DVD-R from BestBuy. Look for them when they are on sale.

If the Verbatims didn’t work, you got CMC crap discs instead of MCC. Verbatim has recently started to sell CMC :Z

since I am new to dvd burning all I know is the verbatim dvds were a sort of blue/purple dye color.
sometimes I had the disk in and it would say there was no media in the drive until i tryed putting it in a couple of times.

the new maxell RWs I bought were expensive, but work. 3 for $20. I guess that I will try to find regular dvd-r in maxell since I know the dvd-rws work.

Same problem with verbatim and my new toshiba. But verbatim are also fast recorded in comparison with best buy and princo. It have also less writting errors. My principal problem is that my samsung dvd player only supports recorded verbatim dvds. Another dvd will be refused to be played. Don’t know if my p3 866 with 512 SDRAM is not fast enough to write at such speed (more than 1x)

Good luck!

I am using Ritek G04 4x in my Toshiba 5002. Best media I have used so far. I originally bought some Verbatim 1x that turned out to be TY, but after about 4 months, these discs are becoming unreadable. I have used some medium grade discs like ACCU and MXL, but I have found it is best to spend the extra couple cents a disc and get Ritek. They are A grade. I have been getting my discs from

To use the Ritek G04 4x on your Toshiba 5002 did you have to change the firmware, or are you using the original? Thank you.