Toshiba sd-r2512 from master to slave

Hi all, i need to use my toshiba sd-r2512 in primary slave configuration. Actually it’s primary master with firm 1720, it’s possible?
Or my notebook can’t see it :sad:

thx in advance

Hi and Welcome,

at first you’ll need an adapter to connect the drive to a standard IDE port on a desktop computer.
Secondly, you need a firmware for your drive that is configured for slave setting.
Firmware can be found here: and here: but I don’t know, which is the correct one for your drive and the intended settings. Maybe there is some readme in the packages, I haven’t had a look at them.


Check the notebook bios settings.
I suggest to buiy a slimtype IDE adaptor and then try flashing eg. 102x.

thx both for reply!
For the adapter: i have it, so no problem.
For the firm… i have tried 1n22 and 1f20 at this page but without results…
Today i will try the 1020 but i lost my hope…
On pc’s bios, unfortunately, there’s not any option to change primary/secondary setting (shitti model -_- )

Without results??

simply shorp 47&48 pin of data port connector of drive…
and you get opposition setting of drive default mode