Toshiba SD-R2002 Combo Drive Won't Read DVD+-RW

I have a Presario 1800T Laptop witha Toshiba SD-R2002 DVD\CD-RW Combo drive. When I put a burned dvd+rw in, it will not read it. It reads DVD+R fine. I ran Nero info tool on it and it said that the drive reads CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, & DVD-RW (it said it does NOT read DVD+R or +RW, which isn’t true, because like I said before, it reads DVD+R just fine) So I bought a pack of DVD-RW, burned one, and it won’t read it either? I burn everything on my desktops Memorex Dual Format drive, they all read fine on it, and they all read fine on the desktops OEM DVD-Rom drive. I use Memorex media and Nero 5.5. Nero Info Tool says my firmware version is 1Q24. Is there a firmware update that may fix it. Or some type of driver? I’m just using the standard Win98SE driver. Any help would be appreciated.


did you solve the problem, please ?
I have the same. I have Clevo notebook with the same DVD-ROM and I can’t read
DVD multisession media (DVD-RW included). I have w2000 with last patches, I tried
XP as well and Nero 6.

No, I never did really “fix” it. I was having some problems with my computer, so I picked up another one just like it off of eBay, except this one had a busted screen and a broken case, etc. I just got it for spare parts to fix mine. Anyway, while I had mine opened up doing my repairs, just for the heck of it, I took the dvd drive out of the busted computer, it was the EXACT same kind as mine, a Toshiba SD-R2002 CDRW\DVD, with the 1Q24 firmware, but when I put it in my computer, it reads DVD+RWs. I don’t know why. My old drive would not read DVD+ or - RW’s, even after I upgraded to XP. But for some reason, I put the exact same model drive in from another computer and it reads them now, (I haven’t tried any DVD-RW’s yet, I’m just happy that it reads my +RW’s) Also, sometimes, I may have to eject the disc, and put it back in a couple of times before it will recognize it, but not often. Good luck.