Toshiba SD-R1712c - where can I buy in UK?

I’d like to buy the Toshiba combo, to replace a Samsung combo which hasnt been even close to living up to its not too high reputation even, and I’d like a Toshiba, as the dvd writer I had last was quite reliable, but I cant find anywhere that stocks it. Nowhere. Not even the Toshiba site itself ! It lists it, but you cant actually buy it. :rolleyes:
Does anyone know where I can get it for the best price possible ?
If I fail here, I’ll just get the LG equivalent which is available for around £26 on ebuyer. I’d prefer the Tosh though… :iagree:

from what i can see in google there are barely any results for that drive its likely not being manufactured anymore just go for another brand the diffrences arent that large btw i recommend liteon,but its pointless to buy a combo drive these days when a dvd burner costs just a bit more

Cheers, my similarly-named-friend ! :wink: No, its a pretty new one. Latest, actually. And I have an LG 16x DVD writer anyway. I just like having a combo there too, and like the Toshiba’s ability to rip the cd/dvd far more reliably than any other.
I have actually found it on ONE british site, through “FROOGLE” but as the price they asked was prohibitive, (more than double the similar LG combo I saw on ebuyer) and the last straw was postage being put ON TOP of that I thought - no way…