Toshiba SD-R 6112 firmware

I have a fairly new Laptop with a Toshiba SD-R 6112 Drive. It will not read dvd disks, It is my work laptop so before I invest in a new drive I was wondering if anyone had tried any firmware upgrades. It has FW1030 in it now. Thanks

I just found some firmwares at rpc and was wondering if there was any way to boot in dos without a floppy drive. (the text file with the firmware says to boot off of a floppy boot disk), Im not too familiar with booting in dos so any help would be appreciated.

goto and download the ISO image for DOS booting from CD. You run the CD with the FLASHER program and firmware. :wink:

Thanks, Am I correct in assuming that I just burn the ISO and the firmware and flasher to disk and then boot the pc using the disk?