Toshiba SD-M1912 and AOpen DVD-1648/AAP - which chipsets?

So what is the dvd-rom drive to buy at this moment ?

get the AOpen 1648/AAP it leaves the Toshiba in the dust.

ok i want to buy the AOpen 1648/AAP but where can i find it in France or Europe ?

You are talking about the 1648/AAP PRO or 1648/AAP ?

I live in the US so I dont know where you might get ahold of a AOpen 1648/AAP or a pro version. the pro version is not even available here yet. the only posters I have seen who have gotten a Pro version are those who do live in europe. I think most of them got their drives from online retailers in germany. there was a thread on the pro version about a month ago that had some links to online retailers in europe stocking the pro version.

which drive of this list to buy in first ?

ASUS DVD-E616P2 (Pioneer based like the P1 ?)
Toshiba SD-1912 (worst than the SD-M1802 ?)
Aopen 1648/AAP Pro (worst than the no Pro ?)
Liteon SOHD-167T (worst than the SOHD-166S ?)

Could you class by preference the above list ?

If you have an other drive to advice me, be welcome. :wink:
Thank you.