Toshiba SD-M1912 and AOpen DVD-1648/AAP - which chipsets?

Does anybody know which chipsets the following dvd-roms use:

  • Toshiba SD-M1912
  • AOpen DVD-1648/AAP

I have been using Toshiba DVD Rom’s for several years now. just purchased a 1912 and to my suprise I find that what I have is a rebadged samsung DVD Rom. havnt installed it yet so I dont know what it’s performance is or what chipset it uses but it is definitely a samsung.

Toshiba: Mediatek
AOpen: ALi (Acer Laboratories Inc)

The drive is made by TSST (=Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies).
You can find more info here.


Thanks for the info I wasnt aware that toshiba and samsung had collaborated to make drives. now I dont feel like I didnt get what I paid for.


So how does the performance of the SD-M1912 compare to that of the SD-M1712? I usually buy my 1712s from but they’ve been discontinued. Now concerning the Aopen drive, I have glanced at a thread or 2 saying they’re the best. But with an Ali chip? The last few products I’ve experienced with Ali chipsets were HORRIBLE and didn’t work due to the flaws of the chipset itself. One was a motherboard (5+ years ago) for AMD processors, another was a usb 2.0 card. They were practically giving away these cards for free ($10 with a $10 rebate).

You are comparing apples and oranges. Enough said.

If you want to start using analogies, sure I am comparing apples to oranges. But what if these apples and oranges came from the same farmer/orchard? And while you didn’t know how good their apples were, say it was known that their oranges were inferior (diseased, never tasty, & so on). Would you then be cautious about purchasing unknown apples from those same farmers?

If you pay attention to some of a company’s products, committment to quality, support, etc., it could give you some idea of their current and future products. I was addressing Ali chips and shared my past knowledge about them.

Well I have been a die hard Toshiba fan for years still have 1 1502 2 1612’s 1 1712 and 2 1912’s but after getting a Aopen 1648/AAP I am switching to the Aopen in my machines. performance wise the toshiba’s cant keep up with the Aopen.

here is the Toshiba 1912 and the Aopen 1648/AAP in the same machine with the same disk. (Verbatim MCC 03 8X DVD+R

Speed Average Toshiba 1912 4.60X Aopen 1648 11.82X
Start speed Toshiba 2.61X Aopen 6.67X
end Speed Toshiba 6.11X Aopen 15.71X
Random seek time Toshiba 92ms Aopen 86ms
1/3 Toshiba 96ms Aopen 90ms
Full Toshiba 162ms Aopen 155ms
Burst rate Toshiba 24MB/s Aopen 27MB/s

ok now a real world example using Clone DVD/anyDVD time to rip Van Helsing

Toshiba 29 Min Aopen 12 Min.

I can’t say enough good things about the Aopen since getting one. NICE!!! Interesting indeed that ALi is the chipset for the Aopen 1648/AAP. But then again, it’s not surprising since ALi has been making mobo chipsets for sometime now. My external enclosure for the NEC 3500AG runs on one of the ALi’s chipsets. So far, no real complaints.

I wasnt aware that the chipset in the Aopen was made by ali. but frankly with performance like this I dont care who makes it. ali may make sucko mobo chipsets but they damn sure got optical DVD Rom drive chipsets right.

Asus, BenQ and Pioneer are also using ALi chipsets for some of their drives.

Are Aopen, Acer, Benq, and ALI not all part of the same company anyway???

Thinking of getting a 1648, but was also looking at the Benq 1650t and the newer samsungs. Cant find a pioneer drive anywhere in the UK (I wanted a pioneer as my current drive is pioneer).

Chances are tho, the samsungs contain the same chipset as the tosh above, and looking at the performance stated it looks like im definitely going for the AOpen. Not too keen on the round buttons tho!


Very happy with my Aopen 1648/aap mated with NEC ND-3500AG-

Couldn’t ask for more-


So what is the dvd-rom drive to buy at this moment ?

Aopen 1648
Toshiba SD-M1912
BenQ 1650T


what is the Samsung clone of the Toshiba SD-M1912 ?

Toshiba SD-M1912 is a Toshiba drive. It may be produced by Samsung now under TSST (Toshiba + Samsung) but SD-M1912 was designed by Toshiba before the foundation of TSST. Since TSST, the model names are now different as it has been with Lite-On and Sony, and LG and Hitachi. TS-**** seems to be the standard.



TS-H492A was another thing, confused.

There’s TS-H352A here.

Not sure of the design.