Toshiba SD-m1912 access problems

I have a Toshiba SD-M1912 on my computer.

Every time I put any type of disk into the drive, the green led blinks continusly and does not read the disk. It just blinks and blinks and blinks, I cannot eject the disk and the emergency eject doesn’t work either. The only way to stop it is to restart the computer and hit eject before bios reads the drive.

I’ve updated the firmware and still the same error occurs.

If anyone can suggest a fix I would appreciate it (besides buying a new drive).

Sorry I don’t know how to delete this but I bought Hi-Val DVd/rw at Compusa for $60 tonight to replace it. If someone knows how to delete please do.

I’m having this same problem.

I have had many different toshiba DVD roms and the 1912 models are the only ones that ever gave me any grief. I have two and BOTH statred acting up, not recognizing disks and randomly not showing up in windows on boot up. replaced them with Aopen drives and have had no more problems.

True, since the 1802 arrived, Toshiba (Samsung) DVD-ROM drives’ quality went down the drain…

Well guys, with all little boredom and arrival of some new DVDs, I crack open my drive, gave the laser and motor a good cleaning and it seems my drive has came back to life.