Toshiba SD-M1802 and DVD+R

Hello !

I would like to ask you if there is a patch for the Toshiba 1802 drive, which can provide reading DVD+R discs. I have the following situation: I insert a DVD+R in the Toshiba drive, it is recognised, but when I try to make a Nero CDSpeed3 Transfer Rate Test it fails with “Logical unit communication CRC error”. I tried to change my 80pin IDE cable, I left the drive alone on the cable, I reinstalled driver, I used a different firmware for the drive. The problem remains the same. The funny thing is that if I insert a DVD-R drive everything works perfectly. The disks I used are Taiyo Yuden.

PS: I’m aware that 1802 is a DVD-R model only, but reading some forum posts I got the impression that for some people, there is no trouble reading DVD+R too. Also, I read about a patch which is supposed to make Toshiba read DVD+R too.

Thanks, and I hope I wasn’t too incoherent :slight_smile:

have u read here


well, i’m using the 1802, and i’m glad with it. absolutely no trouble @ reading (and measuring with Nero CD/DVD-Speed) dvd+r media. using the latest official firmware…

I queue in with Razor1982.

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OK, I understand you don’t have those problems, but can you at least speculate about what can be wrong ? Thank you !

you could try this firmware if you don’t already have this one installed. it’s the official 1051 firmware from the toshiba homepage… if you flash it and your system hangs at 99%, that’s no problem. just wait 3-4 minutes and then just power-down your system… toshiba fw-updates never succeeded up to 100% on my machine, but the firmware will be flashed successfull nevertheless…

Hi i need some help, i flashed succesfully the firmware, but my toshiba doesn’t read DVD’s i tried Princo, Imation, memorex etc but it reads only cd’s. Once i succeded in reading a princo dvd but it wouldn’t open any file from it.