Toshiba SD-M1712 Hijacker's

I have a toshiba rom model # SD- M1712 and am looking for the latest firmware. Now i have seen hijackers f/w page and he seems to speak highly of this drive is that correct is this a good drive.It seems his f/w can change the read speed to 48x.Anyways i don’t know how to use it and i can’t get this floppy drive on my xp home machine [2 yrs old] to work so i can extract the files to it.Thats another story wish somebody could help me out with that…have seen the same errors all over the net and no resoulution i can find.My burner is an lg gsa-4081b have flashed that 3 times in the last week i think from 102 to 104 and finally 106 they are all .exe files everything went smoothly no fuss no muss.

Is there an .exe file i can use to flash my toshiba as this floppy drive just isn’t working that will give me the same results as hijacker’s or can someone walk me through an alternative way.I guess you can all figure out that i am pretty new to this but eager to learn.

Any help on this is much appreciated

If you don´t have a floppy use a bootable usb device instead.

Kickingbird, your thread is about hardware issues with DVD-ROM and floppy drives, so it doesn’t really belong in the Blank CD-R(W) Media Tests forum.

I think the Newbie Forum, or General Hardware Forum would be better for your questions, so I am moving your thread to the Newbie Forum. :slight_smile:

Change speeds to 48x… No speedlock for CDs really, depends on the media quality and content only.

Follow TOSHIBAer’s advice.