Toshiba SD-M1712 and Lite-On SOHW-1653S cant read any DVD cd



I have a Toshiba SD-M1712 DVD-ROM and a LITE-ON SOHW-1653S DVD-Writer on the same computer running Windows 2000 SP4.
A week ago i disconnected the 1653S to connect a hard disk, then i remove the hard disk and connected the 1653S. Since then i am unable to read any dvd cd on either of them. CD-Rs are working fine, but when i put in a DVD-R cd the Toshiba’s led wont go off, and on the Lite-On nothing happens and the computers asks to insert a cd.
This is the current configuration:

What went wrong? Why am i unable to read DVD cds?


Is Auto Insert Notification also off?


If by “Auto Insert Notification” you mean the “Disable Autoplay” group policy entry then its set to “Not Configured”.


It has nothing to do with Autoplay.

You could easily check it with DVDDecrypter, ImgBurn or CloneCD.


ImgBurn shows Auto Insert Notification is disabled.
Booting from a dvd also failed. maybe its not windows problem but a bios?


I booted knoppix and still i wasnt able to read any dvd disc.
What else is there to check?


What types of DVD have you tried so far??


TDK and Samsung DVD-Rs.
These are cds i burned a while back.


I tried disconnecting one of them and leaving just the other. same result. anything else i can check to know if its a hardware or a software problem?


Check the ide connector pins at mainboard and drive for damage.


okay, i replaced the ide cable. didnt help.
i replaced the 1653S drive with a new one of the same model, it worked for a while and then it stopped.
i plugged the toshiba to another computer and it can only read dvd+r.
if my old 1653S was broken, how come the new one is not working?
are there any BIOS settings i need to reconfigure?


I replaced the SOHW-1653S twice until i got a working one.
The SD-M1712 is still broken. Probably hardware problem.
Thanks again everyone!