Toshiba sd-m1612 says max speed is 40x

i know its 48x but it will only read at 40x, i heard of a couple of peeps having same prob, i think its got summat to do with nero drive speed detecting the wrong MAX speed and then locking it at that speed (drive speed thinks my MAX speed is 40x together with nero and cd mate)

How can i delete the settings that are saying its a 40x !!!

We’re still trying solve another guy’s same problem, I gotta ask you what Nero Info Tool says bout your drive.

Nero InfoTool v1.02

Also give the new CDSpeed a try if you want.

Nero CD Speed 1.0

Works fine here.
If you put the speed to maximum in Nero DriveSpeed, the drive should read at the maximum speed, regardless of the actual value.

My Toshiba SD-M1612 (firmware 1004, date 09-01-01) has following speed settings:
8,20,32 and 48x

Also Nero InfoTool shows 48x.

info tool says: 48x on mine

drive speed says: 8x, 20x, 32x, 40x and maximum

cd speed says: average - 29.82x
start - 17.91x
end - 39.17x ARGH!!! should be nearer 48x than that
type - CAV

What disc did you use?

According to CD Speed your drive is actually reading at 40x which is weird because my Toshiba SD-M1612 doesn’t even have a 40x speed setting.

Try this: remove the disc and press the Detect button in Nero DriveSpeed.

whats strange in cd speed is the seek times,
they all show as 0

i used a 74min data disk (dues Ex to be exact)
My firmware is 1806 also

hey, nero now says 48x, clone says 48x but cd mate says 40x, just downloading cd mate update now, hope this will sort it, cheers!!

This came from Mr. Belvedere, you might as well try it.

Your ASPI drivers may be bad, so try to use ForceASPI 1.7, and change it to 4.60, don’t worry, this program has the best ASPI drivers for WinXP and makes an auto backup of your ASPI drivers so you can do a rollback.

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This other guy is having the same problem.

Toshiba has lowered the read speed to 40x with the new FW 1806. Intentionally.

Toshiba lowered the speed for the 1502-drive to 40x, but did they also do that for the 1612-drive?

And no, Nero Info Tool, Nero Drive Speed etc do not report the lower speed for the 1502! The drive still says that it is 48x, it just reads 40x when asked to read 48x!

the seek times don’t even show up for my 1612!
shows as 0

Toshiba has lowered the read speed to 40x with the new FW 1806. Intentionally.

That actually isn’t much of a surprise. Plextor writers capable of reading 48x are limited to 40x, according to an article by Gamefreak, in order to save life for the motor and to prevent bad CDs (unbalanced, scratched, old, etc) from exploding. Plextor’s Plex Tools allow you to disable the limit, though it advises against it, and I agree, I’d rather have my drive last longer than shave a few seconds off read time and risk a shattered CD.

I don’t use crap discs that are likely to shatter…

back to 1004 i go then!!!

even though the tray doesn’t open all the time with this firmware!


My problem is fixed!!

downloaded the 1004 firmware and it’s fixed

Drive speed MAX speed 48x (7000 odd k/b)

the firmware actually says new next to it, hmmm weird

anyway go here,