Toshiba SD-M1612 DVD-ROM

Any body know where I can Dload the Firmware for a Toshiba SD-M1612 DVD-ROM and do you know if it suports a region free patch??

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That drive sucks. I have one and am trying to get Cendyne to replace it with the Liteon. Sorry you have one too. The read speeds are nowhere near the 16x promised…

Somehow I’m not convinced that Toshiba drives suck… :smiley:

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Tell me what your average transfer rate with the Toshiba SD-M1612 DVD-ROM is and then I will tell you if it sucks or not. If you can get it to peak at over 5x (DVD) I will be SHOCKED!!! Here is a link to a support page for my drive.
Notice that he tried to give me the run-around and then said that they will replace it. THIS particular drive SUCKS! If you have an issue with that fact, fine. Other models are better than this one, but this one is way too slow to be labeled 16x, it really should be labeled 4.5x! As for DAE and DATA, it is slow with those too. Just to let you know, it is VERY finicky about the media that is placed in it also. Tell me what is so great about this model, PLEASE!

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[B]Somehow I’m not convinced that Toshiba drives suck… :smiley:

Shoebedobedoo :cool: [/B]

Gah! Why do people still link there?! The new Url’s are:

Here’s the SD-M1612 link:

Thanx guys the paige that dhc014 Gave me sure hit hte spot.

I Dloaded the Aspi Drivers from Adaptec but… was doing some homework and have noticed some complaints of problems with the aspi after instalation any thoughts on that?.. I ask cause to do the flash of hte DVD -Rom I need the aspi Running so I can determine the Drive revision so I get the correct Firmware and im Running XP Pro and they arent present, now I Need some feedback as to how probable it is that it will blow up in my face

Thanx Much apreciate it:Z man I thik I ate some bad tacos

You should install ASPI version 4.6, not the newest version.
Get it here.

thanx dhc014 im so glad I fell in to this formum :bigsmile: