Toshiba SD-M1612 and alcohol

OK, i have the toshiba SD-M1612 and its almost like fast error skip doesn’t work with this drive in Alcohol. In clone CD it takes seconds to skip past the bad sectors

lets face it, there aint a better reader of safedisk than the toshiba I suppose i could read with Clone CD and write with Alcohol but i’d rather read and write with alcohol

Any ideas?

Hey Yorke.

I have the same Toshiba drive as you, and I’m experiencing the same slow Safedisc readings in Alcohol. In CloneCD the drive is blazingly fast with safedisc, so I guess it must be a software related problem. In this case with Alcohol. Hope they’ll make Alcohol somewhat faster regarding safedisc reading along the way. For the time being I can live with it. But only because it apparently beats the latest safedisc 2.8+ protections.

yeah i don’t mind waiting as long as the backup is pure 1:1, but i have a new problem! :confused: Clone CD doesn’t report bad sectors when reading a safedisk CD, it still reads it damn quick but its weird how it dunt show the errors in the log! hmmm :confused:

Be sure the option to display errors in the logs is checked.

With Toshiba 1502, it doesn’t work either!

When using CloneCD, the first 10000 sectors are read without any slowdown, taking less than one minute, but in Alcohol, it just reaches sector 2000 after 2 minutes (bad sectors start at 1400), so it does 300 / minute :frowning:

Disc is “Star Trek - Bridge Command” (german), SafeDisc 2.60.

Development have looked into this problem and you must understand that “CloneCD” and “Alcohol” are two different programs, it is difficult to compare the two.
As far as speed and CloneCD goes:- CloneCD only guesses the end of the bad sector areas tricking the CD to be read faster. This is why you have the faster read times.
Whilst it can get away with this on present protections it may not necessarily be the case with up and coming protections. ( also this method of guessing the end of the bad sectors is not 100% fool proof as it could lead to some data loss )

Alcohol on the other hand, reads all the bad sectors to ensure no data loss, although this does lead to a slower read speed but also gives more accurate data control.

The development team can implement the same method used in CloneCD but at the moment there are more important Options that are being developed for Alcohol, so this option is low down on the priority list at the moment.
But it will be implemented for those that wish to use it, in a later release of Alcohol.

@Ph0enix: Your explanation can’t be the reason.

This disc does not contain consecutive bad sectors, not even 2. So “guessing the end of the bad sector area” cannot happen. BTW I always have “intelligent bad sector scan” off, because it is not that intelligent.

It is though no valid explanation for the “Toshiba-issue”

Please see this post on alc support forum. Here