Toshiba sd-m1502 vs sd-m1612

Hi,was wondering if anyone knows of any differences between the new sd-m1612 and the old sd-m1502 toshi dvd rom.

I was looking to get one and have noticed the sd-m1502 has more firmware updates and region free patchs as where the sd-m1612 has only one firmware update and no region free patch but theres no point buying the old model if the new one does more.

Anyway,any help would be great.



i own a sd-m1602. I am very pleased with it. It is a good drive.
The diiference is the speed and, my guess, the support of dvd-r and dvd-rw etc. That is why i bought it…

The 1612 also support DVD-RAM disks when you take them out of the cartridge.

Otherwise the 1612 is better in everything.

Neither drive reads Key2Audio / CDS200 / DVD+RW

Both read DVD-R / DVD-RW,
Latest firmware for 1502 reads only 40x CD
The 1502 reads
dvd-r @ 2x CLV
dvd-rw @ 6.6x-15x CAV (!), but only verbatims at top speed without spindowns
The 1612 reads dvd-r and dvd-rw @ 2-5x CAV
The 1612 automatically spins down if only few data is read to avoid noise

(i’ve tested all this except DVD+RW on my own)

I’m going to buy a DVD rom drive this weekend, which one is better? I’m using the DVD rom to read data/audio to image files and then burning them with my LiteOn 32103s.

Thanks for help in advance!!

chrome :slight_smile:

Neither drive reads Key2Audio / CDS200 / DVD+RW

I Have copied with my TOSHI SD-M1502 and CloneCd the OSB of SW EPISODE 2, which is protected with Key2Audio without problems…

i am a bit disappointed with key2audio…

i used:


TOshiba 1612
Pioneer 103s (i believe)
Lite-on 32123s

all could copy it… (just copy the first session)

so go for the Toshiba 1612

That’s funny,

my toshiba 1502 reports “no disc” if I insert a K2A-disc…

i guess that is because there seem to be different versions of key2audio

the Toshiba Sd-m1612 is speicialy recomended from Olly to use it with CloneCD as a reader as it is a very fast drive able to read all copy protections around.
Gräfdig Gloner

my toshiba 1502 reports “no disc” if I insert a K2A-disc…

Read this: