TOSHIBA SD-M1502 and Safedisc2


I have a plextor 8432t writer and a philips 804 writer to copy sd2 games and worked fine.

I wanted to view DVD movies so i buy a TOSHIBA SD-M1502 dvdrom ( latest firmware )
and this drive can do read SD2 protected games according to clonecd.

After copying B&W , Max Payne i got that problem of playing only this games in the WRITER ( philips 804 )

Copy setting Fast error on , retries 3 , error corrections software.

Anyone with the same problem and got a solution …


Seems to be working now , but why i dont know.

Got that windows2000 program error that the program has made some read faults.

After eject the disc and try again seems to be working know.

Ok :slight_smile: I have the same DVD player and it workes super… Full reading of the SubChannels, Fast, Cheap and DVD support. I love it :smiley:

What settings do you use for clonecd for SD2 games ?


Default Fast Error Skip settings. It doesn’t matter which FES settings you use because reading is not the problem with SafeDisc 2. For more info check here.