Toshiba sd m1402 dvd-rw read problem

hi fellows,

i hope i am posting in the right forum here :slight_smile:
lately i got some dvd-rw with some regular files on it from a friend
but it seems my toshiba sd-m1402 cannot read them.
the LED is constantly on and windows (2000) reports that the device is not formatted.

i also tried to read the dvdrw at a friend and it worked properly (liteon dvd drive)

i dont know what i could do, i browsed through the forum and mostly found the 1402 being a good drive.

i hope someone can help me


The Toshiba 1402 is not designed to read DVD-RW discs, so it will only read good media that meets the specs and can really be read just like the upper layer of a dual layer disc.

It will refuse crap media such as princo (the 1502 doesn’t read that either). It might refuse pioneer media too.

If you want to read dvd-rw with this drive, you must use Verbatim (i know that they’re 2x-3x as expensive as princo, but they’re the best I ever saw)

Your friend payed quite some money for that dvd-rw writer, so he will have the money to affort Verbatim media.

I hope you don’t mix up dvd-rw and dvd+rw. Neither 1502 nor 1612 can read dvd+rw (they’re less compatible to dvd-rom drives), so I guess the 1402 won’t read them either.

first, thanks for your fast and really helpful answer.
i think i will try it with a verbatim disc, though i am a bit disappointed that there is no workaround (firmware or something) and because it worked on a old and cheap liteon drive :confused:

I didn’t look for a firmware update for this drive…if there is one, you can of course try it.