Toshiba SD-L902A (slim HD DVD-R)

A huge thank you to @jadburner for great help in buying this unique model HD DVD-R \ -R DL


TDK CD-R Audio Printable CD-R AUDIO Ritek MID:97m15s17f Made in Tajwan
Toshiba SD-L902A fw.TO35
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Verbatim DVD+R MCC004 MBI Indie (2.09.2014r.)
Toshiba SD-L902A fw.TO35
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Verbatim HD DVD-R 15GB MID: VERBATIM 1101 MKM Singapore
Toshiba SD-L902A fw.TO35
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Opti Drive Control has no support for HD DVD-R and detects this type of media as DVD - maximum 8GB graphics scale. Also, it does not correctly read the HD-DVD-R recording parameters.

Of course, there is no way to do discquality without Datarius with HD-DVD module (DaTABANK HD DVD driveCube 1x)

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