Toshiba Sd-H903A HD-DVD burner

Hi, have read a few articles on the Tosh SD-H903A dvd writer and searched this Forum and came up empty, yet seen an article from this site stating a 64% thumps up.

Can some one direct me to this thread or any other HD-DVd burners that are out, if any.:bigsmile:


That is the only one, AFAIK.

Thanks for the reply, what is the street price if it is not to bothersome?

There’s no MSRP on this drive as far as I know.

So guessing that it did not hit the market yet.

Yeah I guess so, although the news are all over the net since early this year.

hmmmm I really don’t know why anyone would want one :confused:

Have read that the writer is slow as molasses, up to 3 hours to burn a HD-DVD perhaps that is the reason why is not in the market but why even bother for Toshiba to announce such a piece of junk? It might hurt the sales down the road for Tosh, perhaps their entire market in HD, if Sony BR Burner drops their price to a reasonable amount besides the $600. Just my opinion.

Prices will have to drop drastically before i leave DVD’s as we know them now. Smoke and mirrors.

[quote=VAQ130;1924650]if Sony BR Burner drops their price to a reasonable amount besides the $600. Just my opinion.[/quote]If you want a BD burner for less than $600, you may want to look at Pioneer BDC-202 (or BDC-S02 retail) for around $300, or LG GGW-H20N Blu-ray/HD-DVD burner/reader for MSRP $499.

[QUOTE=VAQ130;1924631]So guessing that it did not hit the market yet.[/QUOTE]

It has, inside a €3000+ Toshiba Notebook. :eek:

[quote=chef;1924681]It has, inside a €3000+ Toshiba Notebook. :eek:[/quote]If you click [B]rolling56[/B] link above in post#7, the SD-H903A is a desktop burner. :stuck_out_tongue:


Must be their 2nd model then, but I dont expect better performance …

Yeah, as alway’s I am a day late or a dollar short on most things, bought the Toshiba HD-DVd A1 not a Blue Ray now the BR has burners to copy your originals and Tosh HD are just hanging in some sort of limbo.

As someone on a few posting above said Smoke and mirrors on HD, sort of agree a good 1080i dvd player like the Oppo or Bravo does a pretty good job on watching DVD’s.

A good HD-DVD movie like King Kong and a few others are great on HD but most of HD are not that great on the other hand do not know what Blue Ray DVD PQ are when compared to HD-DVD.