Toshiba SD-C2502

Hi all,

I have a laptop equipped with this DVD-Rom which i bought in Hong Kong. For some reason I can only play Chinese DVDs but not dvds of any other countries. I tried using ANYDVD but still it doesn’t work. There is no error message that pops up. I have tried using powerdvd and also windvd. no error message. the disc just keeps on spinning but nothing happend. Please help me.

This is a region restriction problem. DVDs from Asia are region 6 and are intended to only play on DVD players/ROMs set to region 6. You need to change the region setting for your drive in Windows to match the region of the DVD. But before you do this note that you will only have a maximum of 5 changes in Windows so you will want to strip off the region restrictions (which AnyDVD or DVD Decrpter should do) or override the region settings (download and install a region-free utility).

As for AnyDVD, when you say “using AnyDVD”, do you mean that you backed up a non-Asian region DVD movie onto your hard drive using AnyDVD and then you were able to mount it but unable to play it in a software DVD player? Explain more…

i thought ANYDVD just lets me play anyDVD nomatter what region…

And if it was a region problem shouldn’t there be a popup which tells me i have the wrong region?

There’s no popups at all. The disc just spins non-stop

No, Slysoft’s AnyDVD is a utility that removes the CSS protection and region code, and you must save these new decrypted files onto your hard drive for either viewing directly from your hard drive or for future burning to DVD. It does not allow you to put in a region protected DVD into your drive and allow you watch it directly from the drive. What you need is a region-free utility but I have no experience with those tools, so cannot suggest one.

Thank you so much for your help.

But I have one last question to ask you. If I install a program like DVD Region Free, do I still have to flash my drive? Or is it an alternative to drive flashing?

I’m using DVD Region+CSS Free but the problem is still occurring. Now I get an error message. Its in chinese though. not sure what it means… ‘coefficient’ is wrong. then i have an error code for that :80070057.

I’m using WinDVD. Please help me.

No, I do not think that you need to flash your drive. The software is supposed to override any settings in the drive BIOS, but keep in mind I have never tried these type of utilties myself.

Can you try to backup the DVD onto your hard disk using DVD Decrypter? You will need up to 8 GB of hard drive space.

I kinda don’t want to waste so much time and space to backup every dvd onto my laptop just to watch it once.

Is there anything that can fix my prob?


Kinldy i need the driver of sd-c2502 cd rom cause some how its missing

so please can i have it?