Toshiba sd-c2502 firmware (No floppy)

I have a older dell inspiron 3000 running windows XP.WITHOUT A FLOPPY DRIVE

Dell offers a firmware update for my toshiba DVD ROM sd-c2502 that fixes an issue where the toshiba drive can not read some cds (Mainly blank CDs). The update is offered in FLOPPY FORMAT ONLY!!! And has to be installed using DOS outside of windows (So no use of command lines in windows)

I have used the program “Virtual floppy” to extract the files and put them on a separate partition on the harddrive. I used a windows ME boot cd to boot into DOS but when I try to update the firmware I either get errors or it does nothing.

How can I update the firmware for this DVD ROM? Is there a winflash utility I can use?

PS the partition is in NTFS and the win ME boot cd can read a NTFS partition just cant write to it

All you have to do is use a program that can make cds bootable and what makes cds bootable are floppy images…

so you take that floppy image and use it in the boot section of the cd creating process

Im not sure how to insert a floppy image into a boot sector of a CD. I’ve tried “Ultimate boot cd” but it did not work.

you dont use another cd image you just make a boot cd with any cd burning software and it will need a floppy image to make it bootable

But I cant put the firmware on a CD, then flash the cd drive with a cd in it. It has to access it somewhere else.

then create a ram disk image of the floppy image and put it on a cd… once booted remove the cd. either that or go buy a usb floppy… or if you system supports it boot off thumb drive with freedos.

Sorry but I dont know what a ram disk is and no my laptop is a older modle and does not support usb flash drives thru the BIOS.

Is a ram disk those DVD RAM cds?