Toshiba Satellite power mgmt irritating prob


Hope someone out there has advice to help with this irritating problem…

I am using a Toshiba Satellite laptop (circa 2003) to run my digital audio workstation. Im recording music to a hard drive using a firewire audio interface. My problem is that I cant seem to stop the thing from turning the monitor off and powering down to sleep mode (I think thats what it is doing)

in the control panels there is the Windows Power Management Options, as well as a seperate Toshiba Power Mgmt control panel. The Toshiba control panel completely overrides the Windows one, and is there (I heard) because the laptop’s flat screen monitor sucks power.

Problem is that when Im trying to record a song, I am not always moving the mouse, or on the keyboard, after a few minutes, the computer senses this and powers down. This creates a permanent glitch noise in my recording.

Ive tried to fiddle with the power management control panels to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions?

thanks much


You’re looking for “Toshiba Console”, it should be in your programs list. In there is a selection for the power management settings. There are different settings for running on battery power vs AC. My Toshiba runs 24/7, and I have it set to only shut off the display.

For some reason eventhough I have the Toshiba Power Mgmt set to never turn off anything, it still does… And I see when I look in the Windows Power Management window located under the screen-saver tab in Display Properties, that it is in fact set to go off after 3 minutes. Unfortunately the options on this window are grayed out because things are superceded by the Toshiba Power Management utility.

So I think that is the source of my problems. Id like to be able to get into the Windows options and set them. Is there any way to disable the Toshiba Power Mgmt and then turn it back on after making the changes?

what should try?

thanks again


Did you resolve the pm problem, i.e. tinkering with the windows or the
Toshiba power management. A similar problem here on Toshiba 2003
Satellite where she goes to sleep mode without prompting, and whilst
working on keyboard.
Quite some time has passed I know but your knowledge could assist!

I am having the same issues with my Toshiba. Supposedly the Toshiba console is supposed to override the Windows settings, but it is not. Is there anyway to fix this?