Toshiba Satellite M45-S331 DVD-Ram not working. Pleeeease help!

thank you for reading my thread, i am a huge idiot when it comes to computer stuff.

So my DVD burner hasnt worked for a while and i wanted to try to fix it today, I have a toshiba satellite M45-S331.

the problem is: i can’t burn cds, when i open ‘my computer’ there is no cd drive showing there, all i see is the c:hard drive.

I downloaded the 63mb driver from the toshiba website that is supose to be specific for my computer but nothing changed at all.

then went to device manager and there was a dvd thing there, tried to first update the driver with the new one again, – no change… then i uninstalled it and the dvd tab on device manager disapeared. then when i restarted even when i reinstalled the driver the dvd tab never came back?!

i will check this regularly, i cannot put into words how happy i would be if i got this fixed, i really appreciate any help whatsoever. thanks!!

I have the same computer and the same problem. I just fixed mine by clicking on control panel, then preformance and maintence, then system. At the system properties menu on the top left is a tab called system restore. Follow the directions to restore your system to a date when your dvd burner worked. By restoring the system you do not loose any current files it just remembers everything that was on your system at the specified date. Good Luck I know this is frustrating I just spent a month to figure this out.