Toshiba satellite cd problem



I have recently been using my toshiba satellite 2ghz celly to read all my badly burned dvds (about 50 of em) and transfer them to my desktop to be reburned with better media. The dvds are so bad that I have to use my toshiba, which has like the best reader on the planet and can read those 2000+ pi/po error dvds. However, after doing about half of em, my drive just stopped reading dvds for some reason. It would have the light and all but when you double click the dvd drive icon it turns into a blank window with nothing in it. Is my drive broken or is this some other problem?

Update: Every now and then when I restart my laptop with a cd in the drive, it will be able to read the cd. If I take it out and put it back in or use another cd, it won’t read anymore. This problem is confusing me. Oh yeah, I also have sp2. The tech support for Toshiba is evil because they wanted to charge me 35 bucks for support. Someone pplease help me!!!


Try booting to the drive with a Windows CD. If it’s able to boot then it’s still reading alright and maybe you have a software problem. Laptop drives get pretty hot, so if you’ve been working it hard it may just be a goner. :sad:


I’ve been able to read some discs several times. I couldn’t actually get it to boot from a windows cd but I got it to read my toshiba restore disc from windows and I reinstalled the OS. Now it keeps on having an error message saying that the disc inside the drive is not formatted properly.