Toshiba Satellite A105-S4084, CD/DVD Multi-Drive problem

Hi, I have owned this Toshiba Satellite A105-S4084 for a little more than a year. It uses Windows XP.

To my knowledge there are no viruses on this computer nor is there any physical damage to it.

I bought some blank DVDs because I need to put alot of data onto some storage device and CDs are too small. Whenever I put the blank DVD into the drive however, my computer pretends that it isn’t there.

I insert a blank DVD, and no window comes up.
The light on the side of the computer does not stay lit either.
When I click on the CD/DVD drive or try to run the D:\ drive, I get a message saying,

“D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.”

-I tried uninstalling the driver and rebooting, letting windows detect it automatically, but it did not make a difference

-There is a box under properties that I have to click to ensure that the drive will write to CD’s instead of “DVD-RAM”. I made sure that box was unchecked.

The first brand of DVD-R I tried was Sony DVD-R Ver.1.3/1x-16x. Then I went out and bought ativa DVD-R (which has a compatibility chart saying that DVD-RAM drives can read and write to this type)

Neither or these DVD-Rs worked.

When it comes to reading/writing CD’s, whether it be data or audio, everything works perfectly fine. When it comes to playing DVDs in my computer everything works perfectly fine.
I just can’t get it to read a blank DVD and write to it.

I’m sorry if this question has been asked before. I couldn’t find it in the threads. I would appreciate it if someone answers this or gives me a link to the proper thread.

                                                                           many thanks

@ schu316,

Welcome to the Forum.

You provided the Name/Model Number of your notebook computer but failed to provide the Name/Model Number of your particular CD/DVD Multi-Drive. This makes it difficult to provide meaningful pertinent assistance with you problem.

What CD/DVD Burning software program are you attempting to use?

If you are attempting to use the WindowsXP Native Burning Program to Burn DVD Media quite frankly the WindowsXP Native Burning program is an atrocious Burning Program and the WindowsXP Native Burning Program only supports CD writing and it does not support DVD writing.

To obtain a REAL known proven CD/DVD Burning software program suggest visiting the General Software Forum Read First posting titled “Free Download” ( and look under the topic CD/DVD Burner.

Also you can use WinZip ( or WinRar ( compression utility programs to drastically reduce the size of your data files and possibly the files size can be reduced to fit on a CD.