Toshiba Samsung SD-M1912 DVD-ROM

I’m wondering how this new DVD-ROM drive is going to be like.

I currently have an SD-M1802, with the 14x +R/-R speed patch… if it can see a certain disc, it’ll read it quite well:

However it has problems recognizing certain media types… it’ll see LEADDATA01 DVD-Rs but not OPTODISCR004. A DVD+RW recorded with my 2500A works fine in that drive but not one recorded with my 451S @ 832S, even if other drives do see such a disc. I hope they fix these compatibility issues this time around…

What’s strange is that there is no longer a reference to the SD-M1802 on the page listed above!

I hope this will be a nice drive. The models before the 18xx series were quite good (15/16/17 series), but the 18 series suffers from bad compatibility with quite some types of media. I guess they must have llearned something from the comments on this drive, regarding the bad compatiblity.

Can’t they shorten the URL?

I browsed their site a little more and found a link for the 1802, under PDF Files - Obsolete

Great, they make a sub-par drive, yank it right out from the middle of their product line and declare it obsolete. :stuck_out_tongue: