Toshiba / Samsung Optical Drives table by Blackened2687

Here is my new table about Toshiba & Samsung (TSST) drives. Like my other tables it contains information about drives chipsets, clones and optical pickup units (OPUs). Most part of this info I’ve gathered personally from real drives, and info about some very rare drives (like SH-B022A) was contributed by czary2mary - thank you very much!

So, here is version 0.9 (release 2) of the table! (v0.9 rel2–PDF–approx. 55 KB–released 06 January 2016)

Few cells in “OPU” column are still empty and also there are few question marks in “Chipset” column (it means that chipset model was got from unreliable source and needs a confirmation).

If you will notice something wrong or want me to add more info, please tell about it in this topic or send me a PM.


Cool! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Made the thread a sticky/read first.

Thank you very much, Albert!

If anyone has access to any drive from this list:

SD-R5272 (or SH-W08A)
SH-W162Z (or TS-H552Z)
SH-S162S (or TS-H652S)
SH-S182F (or TS-H652F)
SH-S202G (or TS-H652G)
SH-S203S (or external SE-S204S)
TS-H653H (can be found in HP or Dell computers)
SH-B083L (or SH-B083A)
SD-H903A (can be found only in Toshiba RD-A300/A301/A600 recorders)

and can disassemble the drive and make macro photos of drive board (both sides), chipset and OPU (both sides), please let me know.

I had these information noted down when I was tracking them:

[li]SH-S203S chipset as MT1859L, no LightScribe
[/li][li]TS-H653E is the same as SH-S203E, no chipset information
[/li][li]SH-S223M, no chipset info

SH-S203S does have LightScribe, as well as its external version.

I have found info about TS-H653E/SH-S203S chipsets (I believe that it’s just non-LS and LS versions of same drive) lurking chinese websites and reading user comments via translator… But confirmation needed.

As for SH-S223M/TS-H663M, it could be an unreleased LightScribe version of SH-S223C - there were inscriptions on SH-S223C board:


Also there are inscriptions on SH-S162L/TS-H652L board:


But only SH-S162L seems to was released with this PCB…

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Good to know about the S203S, though they all look alike from the various pictures. That’s part of the reason why I’ve sold all my Samsung and LG drives, and stopped buying them. For awhile, it seemed like every month or two, there was a new model with different features, so they’d rather sell new drives than update firmwares.

Minor update:

  • Added drives: Samsung SR-W04B (rebadged NEC ND-1300A)

[obsolete table removed]

[B]Especially for @ Blackened2687

[/B]Toshiba SD-R5002 (Toshiba TC94A24F+ OPU Hitachi HOP -7521)

Updated version:

  • Added extra chipset information for few drives
  • Added information about OPU in [B]SD-R5002[/B] drive - dziÄ™kuje [B]czary2mary[/B]!
  • Added information about chipset in [B]SD-H903A[/B] drive - OPU is unmarked and probably manufactured exclusively for this drive (I will post some drive photos and tests when I’ll find better camera than my phone and extra spare time)
  • V0.6 -> V0.7

[Obsolete table removed]

Updated version:

  • Added complete information about SD-R5372V drive - dziÄ™kuje [B]czary2mary[/B]!
  • Fixed some chipset names (added prefix μP- to chipsets manufactured by NEC)

[B]Albert[/B], could you remove all the obsolete tables, please? :slight_smile:

[Mod note: old version removed]

Updated first post. Removing old version… Done.

Updated version:

  • Added information about OPU in [B]SH-S202G[/B] drive - thank you, [B]jadburner[/B]!
  • Slightly rearranged 202/203 drives (more accurate chronological order)
  • V0.7 -> V0.8

Special thanks to [B]Leman39[/B] for confirmation of [B]TS-H552U[/B] hardware! :clap:

(Obsolete table removed)

[B]Especially for @ Blackened2687

[/B][B]Toshiba SD-R5272\Samsung SH-W08A[/B] = chipset Toshiba TC94A51FG + Toshiba A1392FG ?+ OPU Hitachi HOP-7521

[B][B]Especially for @ Blackened2687

[/B]Toshiba SD-R5112[/B] = chipset ? Toshiba TC94A38FG + Toshiba TA1365FG ?+
OPU Mitsumi PVR-531A1 ? :eek::confused::rolleyes:

Updated version:

  • Added extra chipset information for SD-R5002, SD-R5112, SD-R5272/SH-W08A, TS-H542A and SD-R5372/R5372V drives
  • Added information about OPU in [B]SD-R5112[/B] and [B]SD-R5272/SH-W08A[/B] drives - dziÄ™kuje [B]czary2mary[/B]! :clap:
  • Added information about OPU in [B]SH-B083A/L[/B] drives
  • V0.8 -> V0.9

(First release of version 0.9 removed; newer version available)

last time I logged on here was in 2009 :bigsmile:
you can add Asus DRW-24F1MT to SH-224FB clone (as written on the back sticker). It’s becoming increasingly difficult to purchase a non MT drive these days!

nytral, thanks for reminding me about that new clone!

Updated version:

  • Added clones: ASUS DRW-24F1MT (SH-224FB)

Albert, could you please update the first post and to remove obsolete versions? Thanks!

tsst_table_v0.9.pdf (54.9 KB)

Updated first post to reflect this second release of version 0.9.

If you want to update the list:


Chipset: MediaTek MT1862AN according to this site
OPU: Optis PH-W24JM (same as FB model)


SB00 firmware for SH-224GB: