Toshiba/Samsung dvd writers

I have an Asus notebook (A8JC) and had another one (don’t remember the model) which both had TSSTCorp (Toshiba/Samsung) DVD writers.

Both DVD writers had awful writing qualities.

Attached a sample of a current burn of a Datacorp TYG02 8x, which seems to obtain excellent results with other DVD-writers.
The exception to the rule (of bad quality…) has been with the Verbatim Pastel 4x, which were Tayio Yuden but don’t remember which model.

So I have two questions:

  1. Do someone has had similar experience with TSTTCorp devices/Asus notebooks?
  2. Are there any notebooks with excellent writers?

Currently I’m really pissed by the concrete bad quality (= I had read errors) of my burned media and incidentally I’m going to change notebook in a few weeks, so I’d want to have at least a decent writer.