Toshiba riplock removed, but

Okay, I have got a new problem.

As I mentioned in another thread (win2k, via and udma) I installed a benq 1620 pro at my friend’s pc.

He has got a ecs k7vza rev 3 with 3.7 bios, 512 MB Ram, 2 HDDs on first ide channel (UDMA5), the benq (Master on second ide, UDMA2) and a toshiba sd-m 1612 (slave on second ide, UDMA2).

I flashed the tosh firmware to J808 from Hijacker which is supposed to remove the css read speed limit.

Unfortunately, it still takes the drive around 30 mins. to rip a 6,3 GB DVD-Video with clonedvd The Benq (with riplock) needs the same time…

Does anybody have experiences with the tosh firmware or any other clue ?

Okay, I have done some tests with other software. First of all, I disabled AnyDVD. DVDDecrypter also needs the same time, whereas DVDShrink needs around 45 mins to convert the movie. What the hell is going on there ? I have read people using this firmware report ripping speeds of ~10x. Mine is around 2.5x.

I really appreciate any help on this !!