Toshiba releases V2.0 firmware update for A3, A30, A35 and D3



Not sure when it was released but you now have a new update available for your HD-DVD players. As usual the fixes seem pretty vague but who knows we might get a faster booting player and one that is more tolerant of scratches. Just click the support section and it will be the first one listed under the firmware updates section:



Just upgraded my A3 from 1.3 to 2.0-

Seems to play ahd handle ‘smoother’ for want of better word-

Thank you jester-eh!!


Any faster on the initial boot up time?


Several people at AVS are reporting much improved playback of “problem discs” with 2.0. I tested it in my A3 with 2 really trashed Netflix combo discs and there weren’t any problems, but I had very few problems with 1.3. It may have shaved a few seconds off of boot times, but loading time has not improved.


Yeah, I am going to give mine a run later tonight, I have some HD-DVD rentals coming either today or tomorrow.


Just an FYI. Seems people at AVS are reporting that version 2.0 is creating jaggies with the A30 and A-35 using 1080P/24 mode with certain Movies. I went ahead and checked mine and sure enough. You really have to look to see it. Flashed my A-30 back to Version 1.3 for now. People there are already making Toshiba aware of the problem


Thanks for all the info on this, I think I will leave my A30 as is for the time being.


Nothing but an improvement on my A3 with the V2.0 firmware so I am sticking with it. My player seems to be a little more forgiving for rentals now and as big mike mentioned it seems to run just a little bit smoother in general.