Toshiba releases USB sticks with TransferJet technology

We’ve just posted the following news: Toshiba releases USB sticks with TransferJet technology[newsimage][/newsimage]
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Only really useful if your phone lacks wireless, or your home network does.
For Android users with both, check out the app called Wi-Fi Explorer which lets you use your PC browser to access and manage storage on your phone/tab.

A five buck cable will transfer data just as well, and at the same distances that these dongles will work at AND it will charge your phone while you’re doing it.
Works with ALL versions of Android and All OSs.

Shiney, Shiney, Shiney, must have new shiney. A solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

usb 3.0 cables can PWN this technology… 5gigabit of throughput…

Idk about most Androids, but mine doesn’t use USB Micro. Instead, it uses a proprietary device that tries too hard (IMHO) to imitate the pre-lightning Apple Idevice cords. Even if I had Windows 7/8, this technology would be useless to me.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a cheap $5 cord are all perfectly acceptable solutions for data transfer.