Toshiba releases a Lightscribe slim DVD recorder to suit laptops



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    While some consumers who print labels on their DVDs have some sort of label  printer, one drawback is that the printer is not very portable, such as for those who  are on the move. ...
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They are really trying to drag out DVD sales for as long as possible by slapping featues on burners one at a time. Most people I know arleady have invested in 16x DL DVD Burners and are not going to keep upgrading like this. They won’t buy anything new until the next gen of storage comes out (i.e. blu-ray and 1TB+ Hard Drives/Flash)


Why’s this such a big deal. I can print onto discs using my EPSON R300 and it looks far better than the lightscribe crap!


i have to agree with u there. I’m a bit perplexed at the attraction to LightScribe, but I guess that’s expected since the geeks are typically the ones wanting the latest n greatest. To me, it’s poor for several reasons: 1) subject to fading (according to Uh, no thanks. 2) too slow to label discs 3) no colour 4) higher cost of LightScribe discs (and drives) 5) HP invented it (and charges a royalty on every LightScribe drive (and media…) Seeing I see HP as a crap corporation that I would never want to support, and seeing that LightScribe is so uncompelling given the availability of cheap-as-chips printers that do a FAR better job, far more quickly…it would make me feel dirty if my new drive were LightScribe enabled to begin with :g


I also am very disappointed with LightScribe. Poor image quality and long burn times make it quite a unacceptable product for any professional - and most rank amateur - tasks. Repeated bad experiences with HP products since the mid 1970’s would have warned me off this one, had I but realised in time where the product originated!


i dont see the point buying it anways but ill vote for hp or sony. i dont have one anyways as i have a philips x200 bought at