Toshiba RD-XV45KB

I’ve just acquired the above, mainly I thought to archive my daughters Video (VHS) collection to DVD. This machine has VHS to DVD or HDD dubbing but of course I now find the dreaded Macrovision problem. Does anyone know of a Firmware hack that can overcome this, if indeed the machine carries firmware. Clearly I cant use Sima because thats external hardware.
Also if anyone know a multiregion hack for the DVD please advise.

I know if there is an answer I’ll find it here!

Geoff DVD Dummy

Surely there is no firmware hack, but…
maybe this helps:

:bow: Please help me make my Toshiba RD-XV45KB region free, I have never seen so many people with the guts and know how to defeat an otherwisw unfair system, are you sure none of you were in the Forces?? :bigsmile:

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