Toshiba RD-XS35 DVD-RAMs



[qanda]This thread is about the Toshiba RD XS34. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am currently trying to copy off the media I’ve recorded on my RD-XS35 onto my computer’s HDD as the RD’s HDD is full. However, I’ve discovered that most of the media is labeled as copy-protected even though it was recorded off of my satellite programming through the RCA input. Thus, I’m forced to DUB everything off onto DVD-RAM discs. My problem is that my computer is having a difficult time reading and/or copying the files. I know that the drive is DVD-RAM compatible, and I’ve had no problem copying media from the Toshiba unit that wasn’t copy-protected. I’ve also tried using TMPGEnc that I discovered from searching these forums, but it stops with an error saying “Invalid Sample Format. error code 0x80048002.” Furthermore, I can’t even drag the files off as the computer claims it can’t read the source file or disk. The most I can do with them is rarely view the contents in WinDVD on my computer, but usually WinDVD just freezes trying to read the disc. I’m stumped as to how I can copy off of the DVD-RAMs I’m burning from my Toshiba RD-XS35 and I really need some help; any would be most appreciated. If it helps, I’m using an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium to try and copy the .VRO files from the DVD-RAMs.

Thanks. :sad:


You can try this solution, although it is far from ideal.

Find software application called DVD-Movie Album SE. It was written by Panasonic, but it should be compatible with most DVD-RAM optical drives.

I’m not sure how it would read VROs burned from a Toshiba DVD recorder, but assuming there are no problems, within the application there’s an “Export Video to hard drive” option. The resulting files may not retain their original characteristics (i.e. aspect ratio, bitrate, etc), but at least you could play it from your hard drive and manipulate it as you wish to from there.


Thanks for the advice. At this point I’ll be content so long as I can export something. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time finding that program. The best I’ve done is find a Vista patch off Panasonic’s site, but nothing near a whole program.

I’m willing to buy some software that can do the job, but I want to trial it first to see make sure it works without wasting my money. Is there anything more readily available that could work? Or, does anyone have a link to a full/trial ver. of DVD-Movie Album SE?