Toshiba RD-XS35 Burner Make/Model

I just picked up a Toshiba RD-XS35 at Best Buy for $320. My first choice was the Pioneer 640 but I couldn’t find any local (Seattle-area) stores that had one. The box is still unopened and I was wondering what make & model the actual burner was. I’ve read some bad reports of the burner dying early (within 3 months) at the AVS forum. I purchased a 2-year extended warranty.

These all rumors and if I were you I would not purchase Extended warranty because is worthless plus after one year of your original warranty the drive is not worth even $50 since new drive with better function and newer technology will emerge (Blue Ray).

I bought my Pioneer VHS/DVD Recorder Combo a 1 1/2 year ago and still going strong but the price I bought for was $250 now is $180 or at sale 150 so the price you paid for Toshiba @ $320 may be is high or you can buy Samsung for $200 or less.

The price seemed fair to me as the RD-XS35 has a 160 GB hard drive. I don’t see a Samsung stand alone DVD recorder with a hard drive (for the U.S. market). I don’t need a combo VHS/DVD recorder, just a stand alone recorder.

Then go ahead and buy this one you like since BB claim they make price match for the same item if you find it cheaper some place else you can always ask for refund.

sorry im new here not sure where to ask,but pls someone help me with editing on this recorder…thx for the time