Toshiba Rd-xs32 Dvd Recorder



I own a Toshiba harddrive/dvd recorder and have started to have problems with it.Its about 18 months old and its started rejected blank discs i have used before :confused: but some discs work fine :confused:
It makes a vibrating noise with some of the discs when its loaded ive tried 3 brands of discs and still they are rejected do i have a problem with the machine or the discs? as i know from the reviews about my dvd recorder it can be fussy about what discs it can use :a

Please can anyone help???


Although these are discs you’ve used before, have you recently started a new batch (or started putting labels on the discs before using them)? The vibrating noise doesn’t sound like good news, and suggests a disc imbalance which might be the cause of unreadability.

Otherwise, as you say, the early XS-32 machines did indeed have problems with disc recognition, but firmware updates were supposed to solve some of the problems and widen the disc acceptability. However there are reports of machines of a similar age as yours needing the DVD drive replaced.

If you can’t pin the problems down to the discs themselves, have a look at this thread on AV forums, which may be a good starting point for assessing what’s wrong with your unit (firmware or hardware).


Thanks for ur help it may be a problem with dust as it has started saying the disc mayb dirty can u recomend a dvd cleaner? or an easy way to clean dust from inside?

Also if i need to replace th dvd drive :sad: how much would that cost?


Assuming your discs are not obviously dusty or dirty, if you can see the lens when the DVD tray is open, try using a soft clean paintbrush to sweep gently over it. I wouldn’t recommend a solvent at all.

Unfortunately with the XS-32, the “Dirty disc…” type of message can be given with perfectly clean discs and lens, and seems to be part of the fault.

If you read the AV Forums thread and some of the other links within, you can see a standard type of DVD drive, for example a particular LG unit, can be used as a partially effective replacement. Shouldn’t be more than £40 if you fit it yourself.


thanks so much 4 all your help :bow:


thank u so much for all your help :bow: