Toshiba R5272, new update for writing 16x DVDs



I have a problem with my Toshiba R5272. The last firmware, what i found, is 1031 (x031 RPC1). But with this, my drive doesn’t want write 16x DVDs (Verbatim reorder 43500) (of course i try write it on 8x speed). So, i can throw out my drive? Or there is a decision?
Please help me.


Thanks for posting this. It save me a lot of messing with jumpers, bios settings etc. I found an old DVD 4X RW and the 5272 wrote it just fine. I also installed the 1031 upgrade with no noted benefit. The Toshiba Tech support website won’t accept my web question and their fax number is now discontinued. I plan to try their main customer support next time I’m free and awake 9-5 M-F. There is a firmware update for R5372 on the Toshiba website I’m tempted to try. Without some upgrade this is is good for only a cd writer and I’ve got plenty of those.