Toshiba R5112

Any available info on this drives burn quality - media compatability? I have been searching / googling and have found no PI/PO scans or whatever (apart from CDRInfo’s :stuck_out_tongue: ). Found a deal for it for about 60Euros (damn cheap :wink: ) and thinking of adding it to the collection.

Speed is no issue, burn quality/ media compatability (and the fact whether i will be able to find -R media in a years time :rolleyes: ) is though …

I was planning to get a ND2500, but the Toshi is half the price (and i dont cut money off trees :wink: )

The results don’t look that good , but the price is very low.

I finally got the drive, for a price this low i was willing to play my chances.

Thanx for the link The_Judas. It doesnt really mention the manufacturers of the DVD-R disks, and i already knew Princo are crap. I am using TYx4 here and all seem to be fine. To bad i dont have a Lite-on DVD recorder around here to post some K-probe scans.

It is a bit picky that is for sure. Using the latet firmware 1033 and it still writes @1x when i use SKC DVD-Rs certified up to 4x.

Anyways it is a good match to the Sony DVP-M50 i have here and i figure it will do its job for a few months till “reinforcements” come :wink:

I hear that it has one of the best compatibilities by far with the home DVD-players. It would be a great thing :wink: