Toshiba Qosmio Laptop with HD-DVD ROM, & GeForce 7

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Normally, we would not announce a PC or system of any sort, mainly sticking to the optical drive itself. However, this is one special notebook computer. At CES, Toshiba revealed their…

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What OS is this laptop running? I thought playback of the next gen High Def movie discs (AACS protected) would not be supported by Windows XP? In which case is this running Vista?

It’s running Media Center Edition, but it is kind of interesting as I think this laptop can play DVD etc without booting. Check out this other Qosmio laptop and click on the qosmio player link, it says it sidesteps the operating system. We can be sure that MS will support HD-DVD already and even when Blu-ray comes along with their interface, they will support that as well. IMHO. I guess what we are wondering is what will AACS let us do with a PC and the content, especially with Blu-ray. It seems to have the capability to enforce tougher restrictions from what we can gather. But information is scarce and what is there is not reassuring. Time will tell.
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Price for this bad boy yet to be announced. Meaning that I may be able to trade my car in for this. What do we say… about $4,000 USD for all its state of the art new gadgets???