Toshiba PX02SMF020 (6G) SAS 200GB Enterprise SSD Review

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Welcome to Myce’s review of the Toshiba PX02SMF020 (6G) SAS Enterprise SSD.

As the inventor of flash storage Toshiba’s SSD pedigree is second to none.

The first and important thing to note is that the PX02SM series of SSDs is also available with a 12 Gb/s SAS interface but it is the model with a 6 Gb/s interface that is the subject of this review. We will therefore not achieve the peak performance marks as specified by Toshiba below. We hope to have opportunity to review a 12 Gb/s model later in the year.
Regular readers may remember that I outlined the key features of an SAS interface (in comparison to an SATA interface) as part of Myce’s review of the Sandisk/Smart Optimus – please see here. The PX02SMF020 has a dual SAS port but does not have a ‘wide’ port like the Smart Optimus does; it therefore has all the failover advantages afforded by two access paths but does not have the ability to aggregate bandwidth across 2 ports for improved performance.
The PX02SM series uses Toshiba’s own 24nm eMLC NAND, with 56GB set aside for use by the controller. The drive proves to be a great performer.

Now that Myce has gained some good experience of reviewing Enterprise SSDs we will soon be publishing the first edition of the Myce – Enterprise SSD Performance index (the ESP index, for short), where we will be taking some of the key performance metrics from our regular enterprise testing and comparing results for the enterprise drives we have thus far reviewed. So, look out for the Myce ESP index arriving in the near future.

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Very nice review!

And a very nice performance on the drive too. Well done :slight_smile: