Toshiba problems

ok…so im running a toshiba sd-r6112 dvd-rom drive on my laptop…and i ran outof region swaps for it…so i heard that i need to flash the firmware to get these swaps back again…so hopefully you guys can help out.

Ive got the firmware update, and have attempted to flash it thru pure dos, but it says that it cant find the drive…so i read the readme…and it says that i need to put the files on a floppy and run it from bootup. Ive only got one problem…my laptop hasnt got a floppy drive…so the question im asking is how can i flash this drive…(btw ive tried booting from a cd with the contents on that with no luck)

thanks in advance…

I wonder how do you have done that with your laptop and no floppydrive.

sorry, i meant i booted up windows in command via safe mode…

so is there any hope at all?

And that’s no “real DOS” nor “true DOS”.
If you run some 16-bit windows w9x likes then you can boot into some kind of true DOS.

Otherwise you have to use a bootable floppydisk, or CD or DVD or USB-stick or similar to bootup into DOS.
You can even create a small DOS-partition to boot from it.

Can you run me through how to create a bootable cd? It says i need to put the files on there then boot it from startup, but it doesnt boot from it when i start it up, (even when i try to go into bios)…

any ideas? thanks

Maybe this link helps you:

It’s inevitable that your drive can boot from a bootable CD, sure.