Toshiba press release for hybrid single side DVD HD-DVD disc

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 Memory-Tech and Toshiba Announce Latest Advance in Single-sided,  Three- layer TWIN Format Disc for DVD and HD DVD  11 September, 2006   New disc supports high capacities of both standard  DVD...
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I’m not sure yet, but this could spell trouble for Blu-ray if these things end up working on an Xbox360 drive and/or exsiting players thru a firmware upgrade. Depends on what the costs of the discs are I guess too. Certainly an interesting development.
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I agree with you there as I said the same in the other news submit.:B

I’m more on the blu ray camp only due to storage size, however this could be bad news for blu ray! if they can make this work, i dont think blu ray will win. how ever if DVD must win, i wish they would use the scratch proof discs! DVD scratch so much easier then CD and it p…s me off!
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DVD Forum will never approve such discs if they are not 100% backward compatible with existing equipment. As most older DVD players are not flashable this leaves only one option, to have DVD layers placed on the standard distance from the lens pickup and configure HD-DVD players to ignore DVD layers via firmware updates, which are possible on all HD models. Now This article is good. And another nail is set into the blu coffin. :B

I don’t think this will work really. It will increase the manufacturing costs of the movies significantly, and people will not want to pay those extra costs. Furthermore it will require a number of movie studios to support it in order for it to become a viable option for movie releases, and I just don’t see that happening. On the bright side, at least it doesn’t sound like it will be a double SIDED disc, but a triple layer disc.

The way this kind of Hybrid discs will work is quite obvious. Before you got 2 layers on a single side. These kind of discs is already available and in use. The first layer is the DVD one and “old player” (really all DVD players) are able to see only the single layer as a standard DVD-5. No compatible problems… Now you have three layers ON A SINGLE SIDE that will surely be: the first always DVD the second could be DVD (and you got a normal DVD-9 with a 1 layer HD DVD) or HD DVD (and you got a normal DVD-5 with a 2 layer HD DVD). This can be done because the specs of a HD DVD are already compatible with three layers so actual and future HD DVD players have no big problems (maybe a firmware update) to focus on a third layer. I think that the one or the two DVD layers must be in the first places to be compatible with all the current DVD players that still will simply not see the HD DVD layers. A final word for the costs: these 3 layers disc will be cheap for mass industrial production as for all the current HD DVD products. THIS IS A KILLER APP IF IT WILL BE USED WISELY BY THE MOVIE STUDIOS…
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Why isn’t anyone talking about using all 3 layers for HD giving 3x15 = 45GB. Then what advantage would Blu-ray have? (more support?)

That’s the catch. The studios have to support it. While I think this is a great way for HD-DVD to kill off Blue Ray, we all know that the studios want you to buy the DVD version now, and then buy the HD version later. (And then buy the Platinum HD version, then the Superbit Platinum HD version, etc.)

3 layers HD DVD are part of the HD DVD specs but for now they are not commercially distributed. With 2 layers HD DVD you have enough space for actual HD Video and 2 or 3 layers HD DVD-R simply are going to cost too much (similar to DB-R 50GB). It’s not in the vision of the HD DVD to go out with overpriced unneeded stuff. 3 layers HD DVD (not recordable, just for movies or data!) hybrid discs make sense so they are going to be distributed soon.
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@ HerculesBeast: because thats maxing out HD-DVD, when blu-ray has now pushed the boundaries to 33.3GB per layer, to make a 6 layer 200GB disc. HDDVD is already becoming outdated
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