Toshiba plans to ship HD DVD player for $500 in March

I just posted the article Toshiba plans to ship HD DVD player for $500 in March.

Toshiba said it would ship its first HD DVD player by the end of last year for
about $1000. The introduction was however delayed because the AACS
specifications were not ready…

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In light of Sony’s heavy DRM, and the fact that HD-DVD will support at least some form of copying, I’m all for HD-DVD at this point. Hopefully, the price will drop significantly to try to maintain some kind of competitive edge…

well, at least it’s far cheaper than even very inexpensive bd player from samsung

Im all for Blue-Ray because I have more space, but if it will be easier for me to make my “backups”… then HD-DVD will be the choice for me:c We’ll see who releases the first “modified” Firmware :d

Yeah, get HD DVD if you can settle with a crappy 1080i INTERLACE. Blu-Ray does 1080p in Pioneer and Sony’s players for sure :D. And with a Pioneer PC Drive, let’s guess what will be hacked first :smiley: Remember that Xbox 360 is unhackable :smiley:

emember that you don’t need to have 50GB space for 1080p movie with extras todays advanced encoding algorythms are much more powerful and optimized than mpeg2 and even sony blurays mpeg2hd :+

Eh I don’t cares if its 1080i or 1080p I am more worried about the price. I am not using media for recording stuff and so on, only for storing backup data. Bluray stores more data. But if 2 16gb HD-DVD ® dics are half the price on 1 Blu-Ray discs. I don’t think a lot of people are going to get that. BESIDES there are huge amounts of DVD plyers out there and the quality is good anyway. It more the TV that is the limit, you need a flat TV (HD-Ready) to take advantage of it, that will set you back another 1000 USD’s I don’t think the majority of people can afford that.