Toshiba officially launches HD DVD in the UK

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Toshiba has officially launched the UK’s first high definition DVD player, the HD-E1 HD DVD player to the UK. At £449, it is under half the price of Samsung’s DMPBDP1000, which sells for…

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Why should we be stung with such high prices. I was going to buy a Yamaha AV for £700 or so until I saw it was $700 in US, that makes a 100% mark up on current exchange rates. Rip-off Britania.

What? So the HD-E1 does not even have full 1080P? Forget it then. Is it just a player? FOrget it then. I want a recorder and player that is full res/bandwidth. Mind you I am not buying until they are as cheap as current DVD tech. Even then it I will probably hold off. Maybe I will give in for cvomputer backup use. Just so I can burn off my HDTV caps without recompressing them to x264 DVD5/9 sizes :wink: