Toshiba offers 16x DVD-R upgrade for SD-R5372



I just posted the article Toshiba offers 16x DVD-R upgrade for SD-R5372.

  The Toshiba SD-R5372's Increased DVD-R Speed Provides Users  With Exceptional Performance For Easy DVD Burning  Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD), an industry pioneer in optical storage ...
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Hey, Pioneer! Time for a 16x16x6DL for my A07XL :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone know what chipset this drive is based on? Does it support full bitsetting for +r and DL +R? Currently at a Liteon 411 OC to 811. Newegg has this drive for about $65. Just need 8x RW and this looks like a really nice replacement.


Yes, offers the auto bit-setting for both DVD+R and DVD+R DL media.


I have updated my 5372 to the new firmware (TU53) And i don’t manage to burn with Nero neither with CloneCD/DVD :frowning: Does anyone have the same pb ? Anybody knows how to solve it ??? Thanks


yes I had the same problem, and I installed again TU31 and now I have no problem at all


how did u go back to tu31 im runnig it with TU55 and still can’t burn.


How Do I get the Toshiba TU31 Firmware??? Please Someone Help