Toshiba OCZ TR200 480GB review


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Today I am taking a look at the new Toshiba OCZ TR200 SSD, the drive is targeted to those that are on the look for value SSD, the TR200 also used the latest 64 layer BiCS TLD NAND, so you should get an excellent value for money and the latest technology that Toshiba has to offer when it comes to NAND, So lets find out more about the performance of the TR200 SSD.



Thank you for this review

It looks to be not bad for TLC. Did you also a full capacity sequential write?


No i didn’t do that, I dont see a point on doing this on a consumer drive, you will get very low performance (especially with TLC SSD’s) and at the same time lower the life of the NAND.


50GB should be OK for the most tests, I hope the SSD will survive that :wink:

But I remember about tricks like Toshiba did with the Q-series. Half of the capacity, write-speed >450MB/s, and then <100MB/s

I use big SSDs for my videocut-system and feed it after some weeks with over 300GB in a row from 3x external SSDs via USB3. Don´t like SSDs like BX200 which are drop down the speed to <70MB/s if I do this :slight_smile:

So I´m interested in the writing speed for more than 4GB in a row