Toshiba NFC 32GB SDHC Memory Card Review and Flashair Update

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Welcome to Myce’s review of the Toshiba NFC 32GB SD Memory Card.

This is another first for Toshiba as this is the first NFC card to come to market. NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’, which is a clever bit of technology that allows one to preview the contents of a card using an NFC enabled smart phone without having to plug it into a camera or card reader.

We also provide a quick update on the latest generation of Toshiba Flashair SD Memory Card, that we have previously reviewed.

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The question in my mind was what is powering the card to allow it to communicate with my smart phone. Is it magic? Well no, I understand it is electromagnetic induction from the smart phone’s NFC beam.
They’ve cleverly hidden the magic within electromagnetic induction, as you can clearly see if you look at it the right way:


So it’s definitely magic! :bigsmile: