Toshiba MK3018GAP diagnostics

Anyone know where I can get diagnostics to test this drive. It is usuallly bundled with HP Pavillion laptops.

Neither Toshiba nor HP website seem to have diagnostic tools… from what I found so far.

If anyone has experience in dealing with this, please let me know.

A conversation with HP support says they have diagnostic software for the Laptop that ships with ze4200 series laptops, but I never received it. Nor do they appear to have it for download.

Thanks All!!!


I found this site It is not a software, but still interesting.

I will look through all my HP CDs. If I find anything, will drop you a line.

Thx Alex, very much appreciated.

I suspect the problem with my dad’s laptop to be either the HDD or the system board. I am willing to replace a HDD but gonna throw out the Laptop altogether if its the systemboard. Only because a new Laptop is so freakin cheap nowadays.