Toshiba MD 72hm195 dpl 1080



I have the Toshiba 72" DPL, 1080 TV. Several months ago the Consumer report stated if you have a DPL it is 3 D ready. All you needed was the Glasses and the Box. Glasses I understand would be the Steroscopic. But, what box are they talking about?
Anybody know what I need to get 3 D? Thanks Ed:doh:


Hello Ed

I myself am not a big 3D supporter, I think that it’s going to be a niche market and that all it going to be.

I have not spend a lot of time looking into a direct answer to your question but I know that when Mitsubishi showed of it’s 3DC-1000 3D converter box at CES, it was compatible with Samsung’s 3D-ready televisions. Both companies use the same checkerboard 3D format. But Mitsubishi modified the box to restrict compatibility to its own 3D-ready rear-projection DLPs. Thanks to new EDID messages sent with the converter’s HDMI signals, Samsung will no longer be able to receive 3D in HD via the Mitsubishi box.

Some of this converter processes that you see also rely on a PC with a high-end GPU in the mix to make it happen. I wish that I could give you a more direct answer, but I have not spent a lot of time divulging into the 3D realm.